Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Upcycle: Building A Stone Path

I must have thrown a thousand pounds of rocks out of the tilled garden... terrible but true I kinda like watching someone else till a rocky area so I can giggle a little everytime it lurches forward on some big stones. If I had been the one steering the beast, I probably would have vomited from motion sickness and exhaust poisoning.
I am not a straight forward farmer, I have elaborate artistic ideas of turning every space into some magical fantasy garden... this one starts with upcycling those rocks back into the space by making a primitive looking pathway, a little cobblestone-esque place to walk through.
It looks like it might be easy in the pictures, but I swear to gawd this is some manual labor that takes tons of time and strength - carrying individual rocks, buckets of rocks, lifting, hauling, placing each one like some manufactured puzzle piece meant to fit together. And they do fit together somehow, like the whole mess was waiting for you to put it back together.It took me a few days to complete the stone path and I am pretty sure I now have super strength rivaling a comic book heroine. Don't mess with me. ;)
I would love to border the entire path with flowers and herbs, and maybe some kind of ground creeper - does anyone have any suggestions?
Check out the finished project... oh yeah! --->



Liberty said...

wow! this kicks ass! so much work.
I've been really loving your posts sharing the nature where you are :-)

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Hey Liberty!
Thanks so much - i am loving the nature, so glad to be back.

Susie Collins said...

It's beautiful Leslie. We've done similar but with spaces in between the stones. I give you a lot of credit on the labor, I have a hubby who did all the lifting.

Meg said...

Now that is simply too awesome to describe! I love "secret garden" type places, even if they aren't exactly secret. I have a history of creating such gardens. Sometimes, when short on space, they become little mini gardens, with little paths and benches, just right for the faerie folk! I can't wait till I move to start making more.

I do not have any suggestions on ground creepers, since all those I have experience with take over. Cute, but not exactly a good idea in a vegetable garden. Maybe just some hibiscus (great for kidneys) and dandelions (the entire plant, roots and all, is edible and super amazing for the liver) or other edible flowers?

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Dandelions are a really good idea - i think some of them are still going to seed in the fields i can probably collect them. Edible flowers as a border would be fun, nasturiums would be good too since they'll help the veggies. :) Thanks Meg!