Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Toad, Prince In The Making

Well, Hello. (Clears throat...) My name is Cornilius Boobabum and if you kiss me I will not only be a prince, but in my regal human form I will continue to make this smug ass expression throughout our life together. Pick ME!
LOL. This toad really is almost cute enough to smooch if ya look at him in just the right state of mind, I mean check out those cool patterns, colors and camouflage markings. Not to mention the adorable way he holds his hands together (is that two thumbs down)... & nice frog legs.BTW- that's a boy holding the toad, not me. I am not that flat.


Mary said...

Beware. I did the whole kiss a toad thing once and it turned into a prince, but the glamor wore off and he once again was a toad. Beware my princess.

linda said...

I'd wait for one with a better expression