Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farming & Flip Flops Don't Mix

I have been running around in tilled dirt like it's beach sand in Destin, Florida. Instead of acquiring a sock line tan I have gotten this flashy V line on the top of my foot, some serious mud under my toe nails, water loggin' wrinkles, and a magic outline in black for emphasis. :) Seeing flip flops worn during farming is like being made to watch a bad couple bicker, they really should break up but play out their painful coupling anyway... somebody has to stop me & my flip flops!
The real reason not to wear flip flops though is to not lose a toe or few.
PS- Does anyone remember when flip flops were also called "thongs" or did I dream that ???



Gratuitous said...

Gardening in flip-flops, vine-swinging in mini-dresses... now that's a mountain girl. Add a hunting rifle and an orange hat, and you'll definitely make the style section.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

this is just the result of displacement and modern travel. Take a girl out of new orleans and put her in the mountains, and what you get is something like a vegas showgirl on a casual vacation. Hardcore, but dressed brightly.