Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trash To Treasure: Pitchfork

Ya'll, I love trash to treasure junk! Inevitably when you till dirt on an old farm you will unearth various rusted metal pieces... like this bad ass little pitchfork we found. Even as a kid growing up in New Orleans there was buried treasure in the shape of crusty shoe horses, signs of a pre-suburban time that really wasn't that long ago.The rusted little pitchfork had no handle anymore, so Bort attached a piece of bamboo to it. You can use glue, pine pitch, or just ram it in there at the right tightness and you have yourself a new tool again. He used a large drill bit to make the hole in the bamboo just the right size. Farming tools with wooden handles break way too often, especially these days where everything is made cheaply (AKA with pine). It's good to be able to repair tools instead of just falling into the trap of chucking it and buying another one just to get a new wooden handle. Check your tools out when you purchase them to make sure they can be fixed later on (some companies indent the metal so you can not pull out the old wooden handle, which is exceptionally lame and un-eco).xoxo

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