Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bean Seeds: Buying and Planting

Buying beans in seed packets doesn't really get you all that many beans, especially if you are growing a garden that is supposed to feed you throughout the year. The neat thing is you can go to the bulk section of your organic grocery and load up on dried beans because those are the actual seeds for planting bean plants too. Ya end up with WAY the heck more bean seeds for crazy less money then buying small packs. You also get to choose from a huge bush bean & legume assortment not offered in seed catalogues, plus they'll be certified organic. :)
These won't come with instructions but generally speaking most bush beans only need to be planted 2-4 inches apart, and just give them a good cover of dirt not more the 1 inch deep. Watering seeds as you plant them can give um' a head start on germinating and just kinda seems like a nice thing to do for ya new little ones. This year I am growing kidney, black eye pea, mung, lentils, great northern, pinto and christmas lima beans...another reason to love bulk bins at the health food store. :)



linda said...

How much water do you need to get them going and keep them growing?

Leslie @ the oko box said...

I have never really seen a veggie in the ground over watered - seems like if they have alot of water they produce better (rain being the best water, over the hose or sink water). I tend to rely alot on just the rain.
They need the most consistent amount of water while they are germinating... which is they need to stay wet. Once the seedling pops out & is established they can live with less water - you can usually tell too cause they will get all sad and slumpy if they are in need.

linda said...

I can hardly wait to see your harvest!

I hear bean sprouts are tasty and nutritious too if you get impatient
: )