Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farm Candy:The Mantis Tiller

My mom prays the rosary and watches late late night TV, sometimes sci fi and sometimes infomercials where she discovers brilliant inventions like the Mantis Tiller. Thanks Mom! I just got the gift that keeps on giving, cause unlike most after midnight inventions (not speaking of the snuggie of course) the mantis tiller is completely totally perfectly awesome in every way a tiller should be. My neighbor Cody came over and put the whole thing together in about 15 minutes... continuely chanting mantras such as "bad ass", "sweet", and "thank your mom for me personally"!
Everyone wanted a piece of dat' mantis...everyone! It's like the opiate of small farming, the best thing since sliced bread, the yummiest candy in the barrel, the ultimate adult toy.

I, of course, am scared to use it. I have to warm up to machinary, I have to watch others be tossed around, I have to build up the nerve - I am terrified the vibrating will give me a seizure. In the meantime the bonus is I am now the most popula' girl on da' farm with the best tiller on da' block ;) ----> Ehem... but oh the thing can till! Ya'll it was busting through grass like it ain't no thang but a chicken wang, it was making chunky soil turn smooth and well ground like sand. It turns an all day job into a 30 minute job and if you hold it right it can even make furrows (rows) for you! Tillin' in a free world!

PS- For those with chemical sensitivities, there is a mantis tiller that is electric with no emissions! ! !

GO Mantis Go!!! xoxo

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Erik said...

Damn, that looks a lot better than my little Black & Decker tiller.