Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rural Entertainment: Wrestling In Big Sandy Mush

I knew this was going to be bad ass as soon as I rode my bike up to see that the grassy parking lot was full of cars, midget ponies were tied outside the building, teens were taking drags on their bad bad for them cigs, and AC DC was blaring outside the door. I didn't have any cash on me and had to scrounge 5 dollars in nickles, dimes and quarters to pay admission at the door -which turned out to actually be 7 dollars, but the management was kind enough to let me in anyway, because having rode my bike miles to watch wrestling took "dedication"! (Ya best believe it does!)
The whole thing got started fashionably late... and I say fashionably with deep meaning, cause I know now that the wrestlers were backstage getting in costume! When the flyer said there was amateur wrestling, I had no idea this was going to be a WWF Holk Hogen-esque parade of glittered and leathered manhood... NOT at all what I expected, because it freaking ROCKED better then the major WWF championship wrestling match I attended in Baton Rouge Louisiana back in 2000. Ya here me, our local wrestlers are better then the WWF.
This is who came out from backstage first. To raging rock music this beefed up mad man came out already angry, proud, pointing fingers in our faces and yelling at woman and children taking his picture. The crowd boo'ed with smiles and enthusiasm.
His opponent was obviously the 'nice guy', high fiving and slapping kids hands, smiling and being as sweet as you can be while remaining tough as shit & prepared to get a beating. I had no idea what I was about to see, but my ass was literally on the edge of my seat.
These guys totally pulled all the wrestling moves you want to see - throwing, slamming, choking, elbowing, jumping, stomping... and the venue was just small enough that everyone in the house really had a front row seat.
Yowsers!The dude who came on next took it to the next level...from regular wrestling outfits to dang sequined speedos and sparkle boots! He also was the holding champion, wearing the official belt (see below). Oh, he also was my favorite wrestler of the night (not because he was incredibly good looking, with graceful moves and the shiniest outfit or anything.).
More of the good guy VS. evil psycho type agenda here...
I totally thought the champion would win... even just by virtue of having the best boots....
His butt totally got pinned though and then it really started gettin' CRAZy!
Other dudes from their own teams started jumping in to defend each other, the ref was throwing out all kinds of violations ( and for all I could tell profanities too.) It was like mayhem - men jumping in and out the ropes, rolling, body slamming, breaking rules.
Then the doozy. The fight came thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to turning into the ECW (EXTREME Championship Wrestling) when Mr. Nice Guy brings in a folding chair to threaten the lord of evil from continuing to beat on his poor pulverized partner.
Regardless evil seems to win alot when it comes to wrestling! Cause they took the championship belt from my glittery hero.
In all the fights the side that got boo'd was always telling off the crowd. Flexing, strutting, and using fingers like they were daggers into the hearts of their followers.
The Rebel team above fought the "Hillbillies" below... oh man, it was good.
The Hillbillies got the action all mixed up with comic relief - their opening song was KC and the Sunshine band's "I'm Your Boogie Man" ... rather then the hard rock testosterone splurge the other wrestlers opened up with. I wanted to dance. I think they should let girls dance in the middle of the ring after they are done. I also think they should hire girls (me) to walk around holding signs up in between games. ;)
The Iceman had no prob turning around to show me his butt for a pic.... In case you think I didn't really go to this, here is the proof below...HOT!!! Oh and BTW, there's another match coming here to Big Sandy Mush on July 25th! XOXoxoxoooo


Gretta said...

I will totally be there for the next one. I might even wear a glitter costume and toss some people around.

Jason Bugg said...

I love independent wrestling. It's really fun, especially when kids and old ladies are there. They still "believe" in it, and in a way, it's like Christmas when kids still believe in Santa Claus.

The best part is getting the guys who are performing into it. Boo loud at them and really cheer for the good guys. If you are into it, they really start getting into it also.

It really is like theater on a very base level.

I totally have my calendar marked for the next event.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

I hope ya'll do come - it's completely fun and bizarre and theatrical. There were tons of kids there who were reaching out to touch them, take pictures of them, yell for their hero. When I took pics with some of the wrestlers a group of kids came up to me after and said "whoa, they took pictures with you !!!!" and looked totally awe struck with excitement. It was cool. :)
Santa Claus sucks in the face of championship wrestling.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Great to see ya'll still having lots of fun wherever you be. When we see you mud wrestl'n so surprises there.