Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yay For Organic Biodynamic Companion Etc. Gardening!

My organic garden is totally sprouting now, peas next to radishes next to kale next to lettuce - I am so excited about it (see pic, aren't they perty ?!)!!! There is nothing more awesome then planting a seed and watching it grow, it is such a powerful act yet so naturally simple. I use all sorts of planting methods mixed together in a weird melting pot in my mind of what i think works. Using organic principles, biodynamic ideas, companion planting, french intensive and then good advice from old people who know what's up. Like egg shells, if you crumple them up into pointy little bits all around your more succulent veggies(peas & squashes) it will prevent that mysterious chopping bug from hacking your veggie forest. The egg shells are like glass to alot of squirmy bugs and they won't cross over it. Another thing I do is put all sorts of repelling dried herbs around the plants...and to prevent bigger critters I will pour my used up Feline Pine Kitty Litter around the perimeters of the garden. Plus I plant the tried and true herbs & flowers that are said to gross out the bugs that usually want your vegetables, which sometimes works and sometimes I see those bugs eating those flowers. Possibly the repelling action is to attract them to that one plant so they don't eat the rest of your veggies?
If you have any tips, methods or experiments please share them here in the comments section, I LOVE to exchange gardening ideas !!!


Nickcoelodeon said...

You make it seem so peasy! Don't mean to sound corny but you really lettuce feel good about gardening!

The Oko Box said...

he he - how witty :) Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Awww baby veggies!