Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enamore will You Be My BFF !?

Good Gawd I love Enamore's eco lingerie line! Not only are the pieces themselves unbelievably well designed, flirty, colorful and fantastic, but the photography itself is flawless & joyful art. Speaking from experience (since I own two sets of Enamore intimates) these are the kind of classic goodies you will relish wearing and go back to over and over again without ever tiring of it. Mine are made of a hemp/silk blend which is surprisingly smooth and shiny, but enamore's collection also has vintage, soya, and organic cotton fabrics. If the look and feel of it isn't awesome enough, they make each piece for you when you order! So if you have a special occasion, plan at least a month ahead so it arrives in time :)
This is high end lingerie- so luckily for those on an eco budget there's a reduction section where you can find the next to latest designs at discount prices.


Anonymous said...

no chance we could ever get these through okobox?

The Oko Box said...

I actually contacted Enamore recently, and am hoping to carry their eco lingerie at the oko box sometime in the near future. Keep fingers crossed, & I'll keep you updated :) It hasn't been available in the USA as far as i know.