Saturday, April 5, 2008

Greening Trailer Parks

Here is a very interesting article from Mini Homes, about how Trailer Parks are already leaning towards being greener communties then your common suburban hood... so why not take it all the way and create these communties to be green from the start.

The Ecological Trailer Park - or - Small Lot Ecological Communities

"There is as much range in the quality of trailer parks as there is in neighborhoods, and firsthand experience of the quality of life in these communities is prerequisite for debunking many myths about the Trailer Park. Trailer parks, as a form of housing development are extremely light on the land and their infrastructure is nowhere near as disruptive of landform, soils and flora as any other type of domestic architecture. The land tenure is often ingeniously conceived, and results in common facilities (park, laundry, pools, etc.) that are truly a shared community asset. With an annual lease (including all park and service fees) of as little as $1000, one can redefine the concept of luxury - where do you spend all the money you save? (on a miniHome we hope!) 5km/hr. speed limits are the norm, and they often feature a common green space in the centre - which provides a wonderful place for children to run free and play and under the safe watch of the community, which is sadly no longer possible in the suburb or City today. The compact and moveable aspect of this kind of modular design lends itself well to urban infill, suburban infill and even sensitively planned greenfield and rural development.

So if trailers are already inexpensive and efficient to heat, can be designed with quality materials and for a contemporary market, use fewer resources to build, and are light on the land - what would a trailer park look like that were conceived on the basis of sustainable development - that sought after an aesthetic of natural beauty, of forest and unpaved streets, with community gardens and aquatic facilities powered by solar- thermal and solar-electric panels, that featured community-based power and heating and composting toilets?

We are currently seeking development partners and park owners to create and enhance current parks to this new standard. We have been surprised to learn that most park operators are well aware of all of the issues outlined above, and many are very interested in the future of their parks."
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