Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Men's Organic Clothing

Looks like this Summer is going to be a hot one, and the only way to keep yourself and the planet cool is to be an eco crusader & consumer. The mad amount of consumerism in the US contributes to a large percentage of pollution and carbon emissions world wide. Walmart alone has created so much pollution that to even admit just how much CO2 they make each year it will take tons of "calculations", many secrets revealed and a long awaited press release that doesn't appear to ever have been delivered. Men, you are doing good, because you only make 20% of purchases which means you are a low spending low buying crowd. It will be that much easier for you resist the temptation to buy slave labor made products, that are bad for the environment - and to make planet healthy choices such as hand me down duds or when new is needed some organic clothing.
There was a day when there was no Walmart, no Target... and we all survived- local businesses even flourished. Slowly one by one, we can turn things around and make more ecologically sound choices.
If you are in need of nice new clothes ;) skip the scary mall trip and try organic clothing instead @ www.theokobox.com !!!


Anonymous said...

hmm does this mean women bear 80% of the responsibility for our cultural chaos? I don't know. You know those men are sittin around munchin on super saver doritos multi packs and saying "that's great" while trying to keep an eye on the tv without seeming uninterested in all the deals the mrs got on new clothes and sneaks for the kids and five course frozen meals in boxes

The Oko Box said...

he he - a very cynical and good point that almost made me queezy. Possibly men don't shop much, cause women shop for them and there's no need ???