Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Junk=Amazing Creations

During Mardi Gras in New Orleans every year I would witness a huge disconcerting amount of trash being tossed about, thrown on the ground, walked on, crushed, ignored and forgotten. Until Midnight when the police would force all the people out of the french quarter, riding on horses that fill the street from one end to the other announcing "mardi gras is now over". Behind them are clean up crews, to pick up the gross mountains of trash. This is why I am utterly excited and amazed at what designer Stuart Haygarth has done with trash, in particular with those pesky little poppers every kid pops endlessly during the Fat Tuesday parades...see the multi colored chandelier pictured above, that's made of poppers !!! (if only there was some redemption for Stink Bombs too!) Stuart's designs are all about seeing the beauty and functionality in the left behind bits and bobs. In re-thinking design and materials he has taken an phenomenal approach to an ugly problem, and makes me ask WHY do we make anything new if this is what can be done with the old!?! I mean seriously, look at the freaking incredible lighting solution made entirely of eyeglasses (pictured below)- the possibilities of innovating trash into glamour seem infinite when seeing something this smart.
Check out Stuart Haygarth's website for more.

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That's amazing!!