Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Organic Sneakers=Happiness

Autonomie Project Ethletic Sneakers Rock! These pics here are of my pure happiness in my new organic sneakers that were made fair trade, organic, FSC approved, and ORGANIC ta' boot. I don't think there's another eco seal that could possibly be put on these sneaks to make them more perfect. Plus I gave them the hardcore test today, I walked 2 miles downtown on the hard pavement, gardened in the dirt, played in the grass, and subjected them to a photo shoot....... not only did they never once hurt my feet, but they feel like I am wearing slippers :)
They are so cozy and cute!
They look almost exactly like Chuck Taylor's, except they are slightly wider and little children in dark sweatshops didn't make them for NIKE, so they don't have bad karma all over them. YAY!
Get a pair for men, women, teens, tweens, and possibly midgets too (sizes range from men's 2-13 & women's 3.5-14.5) at The Oko Box :)

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Nickcoelodeon said...

Yeah they look awesome and are a good price too. They really are next on my shoe shopping list.