Monday, April 21, 2008

Hybrid Solar Oven

"The only Hybrid Solar Oven sold in North America! The Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven reaches temperatures of over 400 degrees."
I love anything powered by the sun, mainly because the idea of being self sufficient and further from the grid is just plain dreamy. The Tulsi Solar Oven is a special kind of solar gadget since it is a hybrid version that happens to have a plug in option- you know, to help you with the transition from plug to sun power. It's a fully functional cook oven with 100% solar power, and when using the electric plug on rainy days it uses only 25% of the electricity of regular ovens. It may seem like a pricey investment at $245 if you are feeling a budget crunch, but actually it comes close to the cost of a traditional toaster oven (which now can cost up to $400). Plus this earth friendly oven folds into a cool retro looking suitcase & comes with some little helpers:
• 4 stainless steel cooking pots with lids, hard black coated for solar UV heat absorption
• temperature booster panels to trap the heat of the sun
• 6' power cord
• 500° F/C thermometer
• oven mitt, instructional CD, recipes

Now my solar wish list is really getting long- solar shower bag, solar vibrator, solar oven...

Check out for more earth friendly accessories to life !

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