Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recycling Dirty Diapers

The future is now upon us, those dirty used diapers that have been skanking up our planet's landfills by the tons each year are going to get a second life. A UK recycling company is now setting up it's plant to take on the specific job of turning used diapies into roof tiles, cladding, and plastic extruding/injecting products. That's how NOT biodegradable those diapers are, that they can be made into a roof later, (that is hardcore). Now let's hope the US and other European countries get on board with this program, cause the diaper debate has been a never ending guilt monster for earth conscience parents worldwide. And why waste time & landfill space when we could be constructing one of these amazing magic diaper transformation plants here in the US too!?!


Anonymous said...

That's gross but really awesome!! I hope this can actually take off in the US!!

Anonymous said...

i used cloth with my daughter and the diapers are still being used by my friend for her baby... not bad considering..

The Oko Box said...

There is this huge debate over whether disposable or cloth diapers is most eco friendly - I personally go with cloth even though they use energy to wash. But if we could be recycling the disposables that many americans will be using anyway, that would save TONS of landfill space.

Disposal Alternatives said...

I found your blog while google’ing and I wanted to write to let everyone know that there are ways everyone can get involve with or support disposable diaper recycling. It’s a long overdue solution but it’s here, not only on a large commercial scale as provided by Knowaste but there are also small grassroots organizations that are getting involved on a community level.
My family and I are active participants in Disposal Alternatives, a grassroots organization of parents who have decided to lead by example and recycle our children’s diapers. Disposal Alternatives is run by volunteers and on private funds to research various means of eco-friendly diaper disposal. We currently collect and process over 5-tons of diaperwaste per week using various methods including materials separation, composting and have even researched high-temp incineration methods resulting in bio-gas, electricity generation and other energies.

If you would like information about how you can get involved please contact us through our web-site... disposalalternatives dot com

The Oko Box said...

Thanks so much for that info! You are providing a much needed service, thank you thank you!