Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Want 100% Recycled Paper

I walked to my local Staples today to pick up some 100% Recycled Paper, but when I got there all that was on the shelves was 30% Recycled... not good enough! Luckily they had some hidden away in the back, and of course I talked to the cashier about how I am not going to buy brand new tree killen' paper when they can easily be 100% recycling all paper. She just smiled and thought I was an oddball, then I stuck my purchase in my hemp reusable bag and waved goodbye. ;)
I am so glad that big chain stores such as Staples are carrying more eco friendly products, but wouldn't it be so freaken awesome if there was some sort of eco-Staples that provided us with 100% earth safe products ! ? !

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Anonymous said...

I could have definitely used that this semester :(