Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Trash Habit

We all know there is some serious mass consumption going on, we know that there are too many "throw away" gadgets and junk being made, and that trying to reverse this mindset is an experimental process of de-brainwashing modern society. The way I was raised was when something broke, you threw it away cause that meant it was crap. My mom actually couldn't sew, and my Dad was not the fix it type- my family was the anti-DIY tribe that is quiet typical these days. When I saw the photographs taken by artist Chris Jorden on the AUTONOMIE PROJECT blog I was totally shocked, not because I didn't believe consumerism was causing mountains of trash but because I had never really SEEN the mountains of garbage our society is creating. And honestly, I am grossed out... even repulsed. And am vowing to start reducing trash even MORE then I already have.
Here are a few sample pics, but go to Chris's website for the full reality of our trash habit.
(Below are photos of piles of cigarette butts and used bullet shells).

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noel said...

While renovating my house I tried to save money on the waste hauling by doing it myself rather than having dumpster delivery and pickup. I've since decided that, in addition to the requisite trips to the zoo and the botanical garden, elementary school children should have annual trips to the waste transfer station and landfill so they have to think about what happens after the garbage leaves their world. It was dry heave inducing. I was so sorry for the people who lived nearby (yes there were people living nearby) not just because of the smell but because of the ambiant dust they have to contend with in and around their homes( there was a thick layer on our vehicle when we departed, even though our time there was minimal). Sooo depressing. It made me remember never having to think about it as a child. If I'd known, if I'd had a clue, if there had been social pressure on top of my newly laden conscience...if if if. Make people think about it. Make it required thought and viewing. It has to be that people are just ignorant. It is not that they don't care.