Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guest Author: Nick - Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day. The one day a year Americans rally together
to discuss how we can clean up the earth. One day then
it's back to polluting as usual. According to my
calculations that's .27% of the year. What happened to
giving it 100%? I've never heard, "let's give it the
ol' .27% try". Granted some might be educated just a
little bit more by having a designated day of
information and extra effort but to me it seems a
little superficial in the scope of things and by how
badly the environment needs our attention.
I do have hope for the world. Otherwise there would be
no point in trying. I am just wishful of the day we
can celebrate Earth Day as just that. A celebration. A
celebration of the beauty, purity, and cleanliness of
the earth. Earth Day for now, should be a reminder to
everyone to be more mindful of benefiting the earth
everyday. Not just the 22nd of April.
Happy Earth Year everyone!! And many more....

Thanks Nick For Your Earth Day(ehem, earth year) thoughts !
Love, Leslie @ the oko box

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