Friday, April 18, 2008

*Make an Eco Wish*

I find that nearly everyday I am making eco wishes to myself, whether it be that I had enough money to buy Terra Plana ethical shoes, that I will start an Oko Box organic clothing chain store (outta my way creepy sweatshop stores!), or more often that I will solarize my house and live on an entirely sustainable farm with lots of wondrous organic gardens. I have kooky eco fantasies too, like turning off my hot water heater forever and just using the Solar Shower bag made for camping (but what would happen in the winter?).And the most extravagant eco wish: to have my own personal gluten free organic chef who cooks me locally grown food 3 times a week! :) YES!

What is your personal eco wish? Please share- big, small, or outrageous :)

1 comment:

Nickcoelodeon said...

I wish that I had the ability to fly so I would not have to purchase gas. That or mind control..I could change the minds of some environmentally damaging companies and politicians...muhahahahahahahhaha!