Monday, February 18, 2008

YO! Bring Your Own Bag

Check out this fun grocery tote by ! Fresh Eggs has several other graphic choices including ones about saving water, wind turbines, anti-imperialism, nuturing nature, and even robot marriage- but I was particularly mezzzmerizzzed by the floating YO in the yellow circle. I always carry my own bag for running errands & delivering packages to the post, which I pack into my Ecolution Hemp Shopper ( ). If I do happen to forget my hempy shopper I feel a pang of guilt when they hand me the plastic bag and I swear to make good use of it. But really there is no good use, not even for cat poo (since now they have biodegradable poop bags for that stuff ). According to Vincent Cobb of & the EPA "U.S. plastic bag, sack, and wrap consumption is somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags consumed worldwide each year. Of those, millions end up in the litter stream outside of landfills—estimates range from less than one to three percent of the bags. Like candy wrappers, chewing gum, cigarette butts, and thousands of other pieces of junk, millions of the plastic bags end up littering the environment, and it takes months to hundreds of years for plastic bags to breakdown. As they decompose, tiny toxic bits seep into soils, lakes, rivers, and the oceans." GROSS ! ... so, YO -don't forget to BYOB!

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Eco-Girl said...

I think this year I will wrap all gifts in reusable bags. I think most people would use them if they had them.

The Oko Box said...

Hey Eco Girl- I had the same exact idea! It's so much better then wrapping paper or paper gift bags. Anytime I wrap in paper, it's re-used from packaging materials I get with Oko Box shipments :)