Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An ALL Sustainable Wardrobe

I have a totally sustainable wardrobe. Seriously. Everything I wear and own is Organic, Fair Trade/Fair Wage, Vintage, and there's one hoody bought locally and given to me as a gift. How did this happen? I started over from scratch, literally - one day I drove away from my house, I sold it, left everything for donation and started completely new... that new life started with a visit to a local organic clothing store in Asheville, NC. And there I found bunches of inspiration - mainly cause alot of what was in the store was dorky and a flooding plethora of ideas entered my mind. (The early stages of The Oko Box! Yay! ) I have had alot of people tell me they feel they have too much clothing , and so I made a 3-6 month rule for myself about donating anything I don't use for that amount of time (seasons need not apply). It feels so much better, lighter, and free this way!
(In this picture -which I look really too intense in... I am wearing Organic Loomstate Jeans, thrift store 80's Pumps, a thrift dress I re-worked into a tunic, American Apparel socks, Oko Box Organic Necklace and my Kitty).


Reed said...

You are to be commended Girly!
It takes dedication and determination to start over. I am glad thatyou have. Your new enterprise is healthy for all of us. I have always strived to be the change that I want to see in the world. It helps to have patient people willing to teach others what they have learned.
"Go OKO or Go Home!"

Nickcoelodeon said...

I have an all sustainable wardrobe as well....except for all the clothes I have that are made from Asian slave labor of course! Hey, I'm sure they love working ridiculously long hours, under harsh working conditions for almost no money, often with forced/child labor.....shit.....thinking maybe I need an ALL sustainable wardrobe too.......