Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blue Fish Plus Size Organic Clothing

Plus Size organic clothing is reallllllllly hard to find, so whenever I do find it, I will post it ! I know that many times the problem is most the Plus Size eco friendly duds are ... well... really a dud, maybe meant for the nursing home more then the active and hip. But sometimes there is a needle in the haystack that you can take over to the sexy punk side, and Blue Fish has one or two needles.
Blue Fish organic cotton clothing has their own sizing method that doesn't match any method in existence, so I will take a shot in the dark and say their clothing can go up to sizes well in the 4x range. Many of their fashions can be rather odd and pretty hippy-fied (especially this spring), but there are some cool pieces to note, like the fingerless gloves with sassy hand printed designs, various leggings, the hoody pictured here, and some other random pieces you'll have to sift through. Use your right brain, and imagine these pieces with your favorite jeans and favorite shoes, to find something that will fit your personal style.
Good Luck !

UPDATE!!! On April 26th 2008 I wrote another post about Plus Size Organic Clothing with some really cute eco designers!! Check it out HERE!

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