Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bad Ass Natural Soap

If you think the soap bar pictured here looks more like wool then soap, it's because this beautiful work of art is a WOOLIE - a fantastic combo of soap & scrubbie! "A soap in sheep's clothing! Colorful woolies each contain a full 4 oz. bar of Simmons special soap with wool hand-felted around it for a gentle, sudsy, scrubber all-in-one! As you use it, the felt continues to shrink along with the bar of soap." The idea of Woolies came to Simmons Naturals as a fusion between their original business creating handspun yarns and woolens @ Sheep Thrills, and their passion for making the best natural soap products. Simmons has been making non-toxic soap since the 80's, and now they create these super healthy soaps in a solar & wind powered facility. These soap makers rock ! And you can purchase their products at .


Nickcoelodeon said...

Finally a bad ass natural soap to wash my bad ass with! Thank you Oko Box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reed said...

wowzers! yes
I can put down the scotch brite pad, and the loofa, and the rotting sea urchin, and the wash cloth.
I want some of these bars
oh oko