Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ryann @ Eco-Auction

As with all designers, there are more garment creations then the mass produced items sold to stores. Many times beautiful designs go unproduced because not enough buyers in the industry happen to choose that piece during the season. The brilliant masterpiece gets packed away in storage, never to be seen or used. Such undeserved rejection! At I am bringing these phenomenal pieces back into the light, and sharing them for Auction starting at their wholesale prices ! So ya'll can duke it out for these affordable one of a kind organic items.
Pictured here is the current eco-auction design for bid, the RYANN pencil ruffle skirt made of hemp and recycled poly blend fabric, that looks and feels like thin denim. So cute and the bidding begins at only $68! Coming this spring are more unseen items by Brooklyn Designer RYANN -here's a hint : all organic cotton pants, dress and tank ;)
To view RYANN's eco savvy collection go to

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