Sunday, February 3, 2008

Organic Seeds & Gardening

Looking to start your own organic garden ? Go to for a rad selection of organic seeds and all the accessories you could possibly need. Last year my garden had some issues- drought, tainted creek water, hungry muskrats, a black walnut tree looming above, and a bad break up with a boyfriend (tainted love?) - all of which made it not so successful and even caused a round of food poisoning ! Oops ! So this year I am going to prepare better for outside elements, and try again.
Gardening in the city is quite different than gardening out in the woods, which is where my 5 previous organic gardens were created. The city seems to have more pollution, hungry animals, and weed killer sprayin' neighbors. Whatever the challenge, I have come to fall in love with gardening, and just the thought of pulling out my tools makes my heart flutter. Playing in the dirt and sun is so much fun !
If you are the indoor gardening type instead - here are a few tips I learned :
1. LIGHT ! You really do need sunlight, and the more the better when growing most anything edible.
2. Make an eco system in that pot - gather things from outside in your nearby park, like pine cones, bits of dried grass, leaves, and other natural elements that will decay and help your plants thrive.
3.Plant your garden in the right dirt - buy manure compost, chicken poop compost, or mushroom compost, and mix it in sandy soil or rich top soil. Find out what your plants like and give it to them. A good soil mix goes a long way, and is the best "fertilizer".
4. Make sure your pots have proper drainage - if a pot doesn't have holes in the bottom to drain water, your plant will most likely have a short lifespan due to wet rotting roots. Also, make sure your pot is made of a plant safe material. I planted my favorite lavender in a decorative pot given to me, but it had paint on the inside which slowly killed the giant lavender bush off.

Watching plants grow from seed is really awe inspiring, and worth trying out :) !

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