Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poo Poo Paper

You know you love poo poo - and that's why this paper made from elephant poo poo is going to be your new favorite stationary! is a company completely dedicated to creating beautiful journals, note cards, stationary and other paper products entirely from the grassy stuff left over from a dried elephant turd. How cool and dedicated is that ?! It is so eco friendly that just one blop of dung makes 25 LARGE sheets of paper equaling 10 standard size journals. No cutting down trees, no recycled paper production, just good ole' natural organic poop that was not being used anyway :). The most frequently asked question is does the paper smell and the answer is no, they are even working on scented poo poo paper (lemon & cinnamon flavored turd paper- yay !) The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company donates a portion of their profits to elephant welfare programs and conservation efforts.

PS - if you are really diggin' paper made of poop but would prefer if came from a different mammal, you can also get SHEEP POO PAPER!


Nickcoelodeon said...

Thanks! More ideas for the seemingly endless things to do with my poo. Oko box you are my favorite!!!!!

Reed said...

Oh shit!

I wonder if we can use human excrement for the same purpose?
These cards are amazing.
When I was a freshman in High School I was in a gang called the POO POSSE! No lie!
I guess we called it that cuz we all thought we were the shit!(important)
Poo Posse for life sukaz!
reprezent OKO!