Sunday, February 24, 2008

DIY Plastic Bottle Chandelier

This is the perfect DIY project for me, since I drink Fiji Water and have a way too huge collection of the bottles bagged up for recycle in my truck. Here are the instructions via DIY MAVEN who got the instructions via someone else... via .... on and on.... aren't all ideas recycled anyway ?

All you need:
a strand of icicle-style Christmas lights with 100 bulbs
a leather bracelet a-la 90's rocker style (although my suggestion would be a couple of white zip ties)
2 ceiling hooks, like they use for hanging plants
10 1-liter plastic soda or juice bottles
an X-acto knife or a very sharp bread knife

All you do:
1. Cut the bottom 1/3 off the bottles with the X-acto knife.
2. Remove the bottle’s lids and discard.
3. Slip 2 icicle light strands through the tops of each bottle.
4. Hold all the strands together with the leather bracelet or zip tie. You can fashion a loop with the additional zip tie (threaded through the first zip tie) to hang the chandelier from the ceiling hook.
5. Hang fixture from ceiling, and your done.
The original poster suggests that you shouldn’t leave the chandelier unattended, just in case the plastic bottles melt (!). To forestall meltage, I’d look for LED icicle lights, but they would increase your investment.

***You can order LED and Solar holiday lights from Real Goods, which are more eco friendly and healthier then melting plastic :
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