Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please No Cut Flowers

I write this as a tribute to the most cut-flowery-est day of the year : Valentines. I have never been a cut flower type of girl, I always wondered why someone wouldn't just give the whole plant with the roots still attached. I didn't particularly like to watch the brightly colored flowers fade away in the scummy vase, and I have secretly thrown cut flowers away in the trash immediately after receiving them to avoid the whole process. So I believe there should be a quiet riot movement towards giving flowers you can continue to grow - flowers with roots, pot, dirt, and a life to live! How fun that would be! has a nice selection of live organic plants and trees, as does . Seeds of change has a large variety of organic seedling groups to choose from like Culinary Herbs, Lavender Mist, and Sweet Peppers. has organic topiary tree perfection like Olive, Lemon and Hibiscus - and usually there are local suppliers at your farmers market and gardeners who belong to local organic growing associations who will sell you awesome live plants. Another idea is to give the whole process of life, and offer your loved one some Valentine seeds you can lovingly grow together- like the dramatic Amarenth plant pictured above from Seeds Of Change called "Love Lies Bleeding". Um, well, maybe not that one ;)

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Eco-Girl said...

I agree! I request a special dinner on Valentine's. NO FLOWERS PLEASE!!