Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Organic Models @ The Oko Box

Thanks for the shout out from http://www.thegreenset.com/ who eco-blogged about how cool the oko box's real human models are! (http://www.thegreenset.com/2008/02/im-ok-youre-oko-box.html ) All the models are local gals who live real lives, have real jobs, and have real bodies (no boobie jobs or tanning beds used - although an occasional push up bra may be snuck in). I take pics of real people so that I can learn about each organic design - how it fits, how the sizes truely run, how to wear it. This pic is from a photo shoot yesterday for the new improved OKO BOX website which will launch around March 1st 2008. In order from front to back is Megan, Jessica, Courtney, and Myself (Leslie)- we are all wearing organic, eco & vintage clothing and accessories. How awesome is that!?!


Reed said...

oko Real Gals
can I come up and try clothes on with you all?

Nickcoelodeon said...

Wow that is an amazing picture!!! Whoever took that is a freaking amazing photographer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I love that picture! I always have so much fun modeling for you and yesterday was just awesome...despite the really cold wind, lol.