Monday, February 4, 2008

Sustainable Jewelry

I really love sustainable, natural, non metal jewelry! Metal necklaces would frequently turn my neck green, give me a rash, make me itchy and felt cold against my skin. I would wear more jelly bracelets and cheap metal bangles then Cyndi Lauper ever dreamed of. Eventually it dawned on me that the itchy green on my skin , was not so green to sport. Which is why during a contemplative creative period in my life, I began making my own organic cord necklaces. Every necklace at is lovingly handmade with locally produced organic cotton fabric- and carefully sourced pendants made of earthy materials such as stone, glass, and shell. There is no metal clasp in the back, it simply ties into an elegant bow, leaving the necklace length open to fall where you like. Each one arrives in a small gift box, resting on a cloud of soft color grown organic cotton . It only costs $16.50 for this organic gem !
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Anonymous said...

That necklace is really cool!!! How long have you been making organic jewelry??

The Oko Box said...

hey there ! I have been making Organic necklaces for 2 and 1/2 years now - once i found the local organic cotton, i started making all sorts of craft projects, but the necklaces i loved the most. Making them is really fun and peaceful. :)

Anonymous said...

I actually have one of these necklaces and it is one of the items I wear that gets attention and people ask where I got it. I love the shape and feel of it. Thank Oko Leslie!