Saturday, February 16, 2008

Organic Food At Your Door

The small Smokey Mountain town I live in only has it's Farmers Market April till when it gets cold. In the meantime (November-March) I have to hunt my organic produce elsewhere, and for those of you also in rural areas or who are not able to drive there is an organic option for you :! The great thing about Diamond Organics is that if you buy an organic sampler box you get FREE shipping, and it comes the very next day to your doorstep all fresh and full of yummy organics. They also carry other organic grocery items ( meat, fish, cheese, olives, tofu...) , gourmet cooking supplies, and prepared organic meals which you can add to your sampler box for a lesser shipping charge. In bigger cities, there are local programs that deliver a weekly organic produce box to your door for good prices. I named The Öko Box after the local organic produce box my BFF in Berlin got delivered every week- he was inspired to try all sorts of culinary adventures. He called it his "Öko Box", because "Öko" is German for organic.

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