Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Doie @ The Oko Box

All of Doie's garments are made from ecologically sound bamboo fabric and 100% silk trim. Bamboo is one of those fabrics that makes me sigh with relief when I touch it- so smooth, buttery, and yummy. It feels like silky water slipping through your fingers. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world, reaching it's maximum height in just 3-4 months. Which makes this versatile plant the perfect subject of all things eco : fabric, flooring, cutting boards, bowls, sheets, furniture, jewelry, stir fry (mmm)... PLUS it's 100% biodegradable, anti bacterial, and afforable due to it's fast growth . Basically bamboo kicks ass on the eco front ! And look how cute it is on eco fashion model Summer Rayne Oakes (see pic)- the flirty bamboo top she is wearing will be available @ http://www.theokobox.com/ this spring in white and grass green. :) Yippee !

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