Monday, August 18, 2008

What Is An Ecosexual?

Ah, I remember back not too long ago a friend of mine called some guy a metrosexual, and my response was "WTF did you just call him?" She proceeded to explain to me that men who took extra special loving care of their looks, ones who cared about the smell of their shampoo, used tweezers regularly, took longer then a girl to get dressed, and fussed over their MySpace profile pic BUT were not gay = metrosexual. A new breed of dudes who were in touch with their feminine side. Bust magazine called them Wimpsters.
Now there's some new game in town, and this is some earth friendly, hot unisex labeling called ecosexual. In Wired magazine the definition is as follows: "Ecosexual ~ n. A person who's into hybrid cars, low-energy light bulbs, and recycling." (Bland stereotyping but enticing non-the-less.) And at the Not Just Pretty Blog they put it in sentence form to clear up the meaning~ “I would love to date an ecosexual person so we can go to the farmers market together.” (Sounds Rockin', let's go!)
Freelance writer Mark Peters gives the best eco-explanation "Ecosexual: If the word “metrosexual” makes you want to remove your own eyeballs with a spork, you’d better hide the silverware. Ecosexuals, apparently, are hip young urbanites who care about recycling as much as hair products. Instead of man-hands and eating peas one at a time, their deal-breakers are non-recyclers and anti-eco-deodorant. Did the world really need another smarmy buzzword? Eco-kill me now".
But the Vancouver Sun says "Ecosexual is the new political 'cool'."
I think they are right. ;)

Oh my gawd - so I realize I actually for the first time in my life now fit quite neatly into a label. My name is Leslie and I am an Ecosexual.


Rekanize said...

I had to think about that, but I guess it does apply... By being attracted to someone based upon their daily lifestyle.

The Oko Box said...

I have not actually heard this word used anywhere in public- but i think I will start using it for fun ;)
I always find labels as comic relief.

elisa said...

It's fun to put eco- in front of random words too! eco-toothpaste, eco-pie, eco-pants, eco-bucket....

Have you seen f***


now those folks are ecosexual!
best eco-wishes!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Elisa!

eco-lol... he he.
I have seen FFF actually, but don't have a subscription... eco-darn.