Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Snail

I love any creature that can shape shift. The way a cat puffs up in defense, a turtle fits himself into his shell, a bird poofs out for his special mating dance, a blowfish turns to a ball of spikes and this little snail can squeeze effortlessly into this tiny shell. Check out this link to the "transformer hooter" - an awesome video of an owl who can make himself big and tiny!

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Optimus Nick said...

I always liked how people are disgusted by slugs (mostly) and think snails are great. Their little shell tricks captivates and excites enough to turn a slimey little slug into a fun loving snail. My point: transformers are awesome! Who wants a truck when you can have a truck that turns into a massive robot with lazer pistols?? That owl puts other owls to shame too. If you can't transform into something cool you better get on it or you just aren't going to peak my interest.