Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lara Bar, A Gluten Free Snack

It's pretty rare I find a gluten free snack I like, and this is because most gluten free food inventions are not healthy. I am just not a fan of junk food which makes my diet double freaky to most people - no gluten AND no junk... what do I eat? Lara Bars. They totally rock my glutenless world!
So here's a review of these 100 proof healthy yum yums:

1. Lemon Bar - mmmmm, this one is lemon flavored in that delicious way that traditional lemon squares are, you know those super unhealthy ones with powdered sugar, gooey lemon and wheat crust underneath. Lara Lemon Bars totally take the place of old school lemon squares, they just got the boot.

2. Pecan Pie - this is pure goodness and with only 3 ingredients, the go to favorite that isn't too sweet, but has rich subtle flavor. Now since my mom is cajun and cooked the best pecan pies ever known to humankind I can not say this is anything like that...but it is still dang good. It's like your favorite shirt, shoes or pillow. Comfort food.

3. Apple Pie - my first ever Lara Bar experience, which could be why it's my favorite. Also I am a huge fan of cinnamon and this baby has got bunches of it, plus is super apple-y without being gross. It's not apple flavored like a Jolly Rancher or Nerds, it's wholesome goodness that tastes yummy yet totally real.

4. Cherry Pie - Wowsers, this one is intense. You absolutely must be in the mood for strong decadent cherries to go with this one, but when it's right it's mmmmmmm. It's high class, power punched and shoot it's gluten free.

There are tons of flavors, so more reviews to come.....

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Grechen said...

i LOVE THESE!!! the cherry pie is my favorite - but i like sour more than sweet, and this is sour!!! i love that these only have a few ingredients....