Monday, August 25, 2008

Gaia Conceptions: The Beauty Of Organic

Gaia Conceptions is one of the popular eco designers at The Oko Box, and it's no wonder why she is so well loved. Not only are her lush organic designs made to order, meaning to fit your exact measurements- but the simplicity of the design makes each piece something your personality shapes. In other words you make the dress, the dress does not make you - and you can add your personal flare to each piece. The Fall/Winter '08 collection is totally rockin' with perfect layering garments, sexy cuts that aren't too revealing, and made in local organic cotton and hemp blends.
Designer Andrea dyes each piece by hand with low impact dyes, or will leave it natural with no dye. This is a completely fair labor, organic, local and low impact operation - nothing is made that isn't ordered keeping waste to a minimum. Andrea gets 5 green stars for being an awesome environmentalist and designer! Check her out at The Oko Box!
PS- the Forever Young dress pictured here in purple will be available this week :)

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jolene said...

Oh you know i will have to have that forever dress!!! I love it!