Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trapping Stray Kitties

Asheville NC is full of stray kitties, pretty much like every big city in America. I had found these little kittens a few months back living under the shed in the back yard, there were three total plus the intensely wild and vicious momma. There is luckily a program here that will get these guys fixed for free, but we had to set out wild animal traps.
The traps are long and when the cat goes to the back to eat the food it trips a trigger that shuts the cage door. We caught the first two kittens within minutes, but the third one saw the whole horror show and is now in hiding. (Nothing a little tuna won't fix!)
This is my awesome neighbor & friend Heather who got the traps and found the place to get them proper care- and just in time! The little yellow kitten was apparently bit by another animal and has one disgusting wound on his neck.
If you live in the Asheville area and would like to adopt one of these cuties, send me an email at info {at} theokobox dot com or leave a comment here.


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The Oko Box said...

I know. Seriously. Should have seen the third one crying in a tree today...awwww. geez.

The Oko Box said...

just as an update:
We caught all three kittens and they are now getting checked & fixed at the vet. Looks like the wounded one was actually being eaten by some kind of parasite, that hatches and eats it's way out of your skin.
(major gross out)