Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coming This Fall

Are you ready for Fall? I think with the summer heat turned up high I am totally in the mood to dream of changing leaves, cool breezes, crisp air, and a new period of wintry hibernation. Believe it or not but people have started shopping for Fall items a few weeks ago, so I am not alone in my dreamy state of mind! Some of my favorite Fall/Winter items coming to The Oko Box are by designer Meadow, not only are they eco chic but they include those basics you scour the Internet for and never seem to find- those organic duds that you can wear to parties, work and out to dinner. Sophisticated designs like the outfit pictured here are Meadow's Fall/Winter signature style -the high waist pants, bow top and hemp suspenders are totally smokin' ... I mean, professional.
COMING SOON: You will be able to pre-order from her collection at The Oko Box in the next few weeks, to ensure you get the goods before the sell out!


grechen said...

oh, i love meadow's designs, i'm dying for the halter dress and the yogini pants, they look so comfortable!!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Grechen - I so agree! Love meadow's designs, they are perfect for so many occassions!