Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enamore Eco Lingerie Coming September

Eco lingerie designer Jenny of Enamore has raised the bar once again for completely hot, sumptuous, luxury lingerie. Not only are her designs full of character (mainly sass) but they are sustainably timeless garments made of bamboo, organic cotton, soy, hemp, silk and vintage fabrics. These phenomenal skivvies will be available at The Oko Box come September 1st, so it's ok to start drooling & saving up now. Or elbow your sweetheart while pointing to this here picture, and clear your throat once or twice - let them know it's a gift that keeps on giving. :)
So mark Enamore's arrival on your September calender!

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Mrs. Laughing Pants said...

Hi Oko,
Interesting blog. I like the idea of your eco friendly products.