Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Canary Report: A Blog For Chemically Sensitive Folks

For many years (and still now) I have heard people poo poo those who have chemical sensitivities - based on the assumption they they were not real symptoms. As time has passed and there have been more medical discoveries of things like plastic, pesticides & heavy metals in the average joe shmoe's bloodstream, the world is beginning to wake up to the dangers of pollution. It's true that not everyone will get sick in the same way or with the same intensity, and this is what leads to the mystery of many diseases. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are very real to those who experience them, and it can make navigating life in these modern times quite a challenge. Most mass manufacturing is done with chemical products, from our plastics, to construction materials and even in newspaper ink. It can be difficult to avoid all this- but if you are one of those who suffers through the maze of symptoms you will fall in love with CANARY REPORT. You will realize you are not alone, plus learn important stuff about how chemical cleaners effect your children's health and when a Henna Tattoo is toxic! Scoot over to Susie's beautiful Canary Report Blog now!

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Susie said...

Many thanks for your kind words about The Canary Report. We now belong to the mutual admiration society! Keep up the good work!