Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ever Been Bit By A Praying Mantis?

I have. A few years back I went to pick up a praying mantis (I had never seen one before)- a very pregnant looking female, and it bit me! It was a bite to remember, I shook my finger and it's powerful jaws just held on to the spot it had sliced through my skin. It hurt like hell and bled. So when the huge praying mantis pictured here landed on my foot (and was about as long as my foot) I just about pee'd myself in fear- opposite my usual Buddha demeanour around bugs I flung this guy off my foot as fast as I could. He landed in this dirty tupperware next to my compost bucket, where he happily discovered plenty prey to mantis on.
Munch Munch.


Colleen said...

Ha! Terrifying. I would've done the same thing. Those guys are scary.

The Oko Box said...

you best believe! he was swaying back and forth after like i was giant prey. :)
I really love bugs, but not when they bite me.