Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hand Painted Condoms?

I found this gem over at BUST magazine's blog. No they are not eco friendly, although they are made of "natural latex"...and hand painted, which sounds all crafty but that's where my concern begins. These are "wacky rubbers" made for "fun" and "experimentation" - on the website it says they have been thoroughly tested- you know stretched two times, prodded, approved, but wowsers don't they look as though they've been stretched! My first thought though was what are they hand painted with? I slinked around the site looking for some info- waiting to find that they are painted in chocolate, non toxic food paint, colored latex, or some such info...but what I found was nothing. Holy cow, could the paint chip off while in use, that is if you were inclined to use a rubber chicken for a condom? Seems a wee bit on the toxic side, so I am going to e-mail Wacky Rubbers today and ask what's up with their paint. In the meantime, watch this video of how the flashing and musical condoms work!
Is it just me or does this seem like the symbol of mass manufactured modern society? They should take all the stars off the American flag and put this bull condom on there instead! ;)

UPDATE: So I emailed Wacky Rubbers and asked what type of paint it was, if it was non toxic or food safe... and they emailed back this one line "It is safe for use by humans", period. That's it. I say keep your pets and lab rats away from these, you know, just in case.

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