Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DIY: Old Jeans Make Sexy Pencil Skirt & Bag

Today I decided I wanted to wear a denim pencil skirt but didn't have one. Luckily I had an old pair of jeans that were no longer my style & had just enough sewing skills to upcycle those duds into a punky sexy skirt. All you need to do is cut along the inner seams then put the parts back together flattened out, and sew along your new seamline. I made this skirt in 10 minutes flat just in time to get on my bike and ride to the bank for an appointment!
BEWARE: Riding a bike in a pencil skirt is not easy and may make you feel you are insane to have tried it. Remember to hike up that skirt before mounting the bike and beg the forces that be that the back seam doesn't split. ;)

When I got home I took the left over jean legs & some purple scrap fabric (to match my purple bike) and I whipped up this little backpack with drawstring straps so I can carry my water and rice cakes with me while I ride around. The design for the backpack was inspired by the Generation T book!
PS- the shirt I am wearing was gifted to me from Clothing Of The American Mind, the necklace is handmade with organic cotton by me for The Oko Box, and the pink belt is vintage.


Nicking a green world said...

Just when I think I can't get any more impressed with your craftiness you prove me wrong again! Awesome! Now I want to see you make an old pencil into a sexy jean skirt and bag...

grechen said...

that is fabulous!! i need to do that, but have absolutely no confidence in my sewing skills :( yours looks great.

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Nicking a green world!

Grechen - I swear it is so much easier then it looks! I have been practicing seiwing, but this idea was one of the first I practiced with - too easy to be true ;)
Try it and then share a pic !

Sarah said...

Fantastic blog! You can update this skirt even further with my crochet trim!!


Leslie @ the oko box said...

Sarah -

It would be awesome if you could sell some crochet trim that was done in organic cotton! Or some other eco fabrics. :) I think Soy yarn would be really elegant.