Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Duck Eggs Too!

This is so fun! This morning I went out to see if the chickens had left some more eggs in the nesting boxes... when i noticed a little nest built underneath. When I looked closer I realized my lady duck has started laying some eggs! The brown ones in the basket are the chicken eggs, and the white ones, only slightly larger in the ground nest are duck eggs.
So amazing, i did not gather them up yet, the nest with it's two eggs was so beautifully made, so beautifully set... and I have more eggs then i even know WTF to do with.
But of course, i am going to have to do a taste test ASAP, i have never eaten a duck egg before!
You can see only the slight difference in the chicken and duck eggs, in the pic below:::
(duck egg on the left, brown chicken egg on the right...)



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VEry cool