Sunday, March 13, 2011

(Not Trespassing): Mr. Teacher's Trash Treasures & Dead Deer

Earlier today I got a call from a neighbor down the road, let's just call him Mr. Teacher. Mr. Teacher said during the night someone had shot a gun in front his house, turned out they had shot a young deer which was slowly dieing in view from his window. He called the police and the game warden, but no one ever showed up... so his third choice was me? :)
When I got there the deer was a bit bigger then i expected, very dead, and was getting too stiff. After checking out all the peculiar marks along the deer's side, we hefted it up into the back of my truck.
Before leaving and investigating the scene a little further, i wanted to walk around and see all the neat things Mr. Teacher had on his land... land handed down to him by his grandparents - which is land bound to hold stories and treasures.

In his mildy overgrown pasture there was an amazingly demolished old car.....
it seemed everything i touched would fall apart, metal cracking with rust, broken bits of what was once a tanker of a vehicle decaying in ruins...

Mr. Teacher also has a ginormous beautiful old barn. The kind with a rock foundations till in tact, one that was well cared for and used. Clean even. Many old things were in there still from days of old...
stacks of tobacco tieing strings and even the baskets they sold tobacco in at the market!
wood so stunning & antiqued that Mr. Teacher says people come and ask to buy the barn wood, and dismantle it. No way! is he not going to do that - he feels selling the land or doing things like that would dishonor his grandfather.

And the deer....
we came back around to the dead deer sitting in the back of my truck making me wish i could bring it back to life like the alien man does in Star Man! It was then i noticed more clues as to what happened in front his house -- broken pieces of headlights, fur scattered in the grass, and empty cans of alcohol where the person who hit the deer had opened their door. They must have shot it after they hit it, then drove away. But they didn't bother to shoot well enough to kill it and it still took hours to die. The deer was still able to walk 15 feet or more before collapsing.
Amazing, at how wasteful people are taught to be these day , they could have taken the deer for meat, for food, for leather.
Amazing that so many people drive with guns ready in their cars.
Amazing, they they attempted to put it out its misery and didn't bother to even shoot it in the head.



Anonymous said...

Being nighttime they probably weren't able to get a good shot. And there is certainly nothing uncommon about people with rifles in their vehicles.

Shooting an animal through the heart/lungs is a much easier and effective shot than a headshot.

And animal may still "appear" to be alive for several hours after dying, this is normal.

You cannot simply take a deer after hitting it on the road, around here you call the department of natural resources. And they usually have it processed and taken to soup kitchens.

This is such a crap post, I am disappointed.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

First of all, i never heard of shooting something right in the brain to not be an effective way to kill something.
Second, my neighbor is the one who said it was still alive, and saw it breathing.
And DUH people carry guns, but we are so numb to what an odd thing that is, people driving with weapons...
people eat roadkill all the time, if the deer was dead and just twitching as you imply... why cant you take it for food, people take lesser roadkill they didnt even hit to eat. Not to mention the nieghbor called the right authorities to pick it up and no one ever came.
and getting a good shot? Well if the deer was so stunned/injured it needed to be put out its misery, i see no reason they couldnt get a good shot.

--- your comment sounds typical and rude, so i too am disappointed, Go America!

Ken said...

Disappointing to me is:
-driving drunk and hitting deer in the road.
-shooting firearms while drunk
-leaving a wounded animal on the side of the road to slowly die
-leaving a dead animal on the side of the road for days

The neighbor called the game warden. If the warden was not interested in picking up the animal, then who the hell was going to do it? Leslie did the right thing.

Oldfool said...

You did good. Anonymous is a crap head but is an anonymous crap head. I expect those who know that person is aware of the crap head.
Sadly, driving full of beer and with a gun is the American way. Incompetence seems to be gaining ground as well.
I have been in a similar situation and it is rough. Like I said you did good.

Stephanie Alice Rogers said...

Let me be the fourth to say, Anonymous, you suck.

William Blake said...