Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Cat Toots


My cat Toots is not especially nice to strangers, in fact she is terrified of everything and pretty much acts feral... except with me when we are all alone.
I sleep with her every night, and I like to believe we mutually makes each other's life nicer, easier, warmer.
She was a kitten who was doomed at the shelter, the vet i had gone to when the love of my life "Kitty" was dieing, happened to pick up some kittens from the shelter who needed medical attention for a bad cold. Toots had almost died the day before and when they handed her to me she sneezed blood, then started purring in my arms.
Love at first sight is absolutely real.



Carol said...

Awww, Toots is so beautiful! My 2 cats hate the thunder too. Great Led Zep song, by the way.

Meg said...

Toots sounds very special! I love cats. I have mine, Kipperkites, by default- she was originally adopted as a kitten to be a family cat, but grew up to at first strongly prefer and later pretty much hate everyone but me. It was not hard to convince my parents (although they also like cats) that I should take her with me, particularly since she goes crazy happy when she sees me, always comes when I call, lets me do anything with her.