Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Love Big Rains and Big Winds

It's really that simple. I feel soothed by a big storm, the bigger the more soothing. It might be in my DNA since I grew up in New Orleans... on the hurricane coast. This spring is coming early, maybe cause the ground hog said so, maybe cause we collectively begged for it with all our might, or maybe for the real reason... chance & luck & natures choice.
Either way, i enjoy the fog after the pour and the way the creeks rise with power and deafening noise.
I think one reason nature is never boring is because you can never ever see every bit of it, and it keeps changing with the weather, the temperature, the seasons, the sun, the clouds... it's like a painting that will never be complete. Or much like the library... you know you will never read all the books there are, you'd have to live many lifetimes to see it all.... even if you settled to only read all the good books.
The creek can be a trickle, it can be frozen into a so many shapes, spikes, bubbles, and then with a rain it can become a waterfall so powerful it would knock you out. I really like them all.


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