Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Chicken Sneaks into the Window for Cat Food




Kittie Howard said...

When Mathilda heard 'gumbo' she was outta there!

Loooved the music...ahh, Fats!

William Blake said...

One too many times I fell over you
Once in a shadow I finally grew
And once in a night I dreamed you were there
I canceled my flight from going nowhere

One too many times I twisted the gate
When I was crazy I thought you were great
I kept my renditions of you on the wall
Where holiday romance is nothing at all

You wait in the wing like a Saturday flirt
Protecting the judge, you don't want to get hurt
Once in a moment it all comes to you
As soon as you get it you want something new

It's all I can do
To keep waiting for you
It's all I can do
It's all I can do