Friday, March 4, 2011

Run Away Fantasy + Passport Sillies


run away fantasy. better then a coma fantasy.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with the idea of running away. From what, it never really mattered - what mattered was the feeling of freedom running away seemed to bring. Something close to enlightenment, meditation, a beautiful scene, a kiss, any moment that makes the details disappear and all you feel is alive.

I am ever prepared for it too, always knowing what i would put in my backpack, what i really would have to bring. of course finding out I had Celiac Sprue and other health problems put a HUGE damper on my run away obsession - only fueling the fantasy even more (repression does that!), making it always seem more urgent then it had since i was 13 and needed to escape puberty. But now, i can't just run away, everything has to be meticulously planned so that i have the right food, water, environment otherwise the whole fun would be ruined by something like diarrhea or brain damage or the feeling i can not breathe, swallow. A sexy run away, I am.

So yesterday I fulfilled one of my run away fantasies and that was to apply for my USA/international passport. In 4-6 weeks I can leave the country if i so desire.
But it wasn't easy to get to that point...
and even the fantasy is as frightening as it is exhilarating.



Diane Costanza said...

Congrats on getting your passport! That IS a very liberating step. I hope you fill it up with stamps from all the places you've dreamed about visiting!

Wild Canary said...

Congratulations! I got the forms last year, but didn't fill them out yet...on my to do list. Maybe, even with all the MCS complications, I am concerned that I just might go! Since getting all these animals, I can't go to far, though I fantasize about walking off with the whole crew and seeing where we end up...picking a ridge and walking along it! Saps running...north, south, east or west!
Maybe JuJu and Don Qui could find each other! Hahaha!

Anne said...

As soon as Barry became president, he bumped the fees for all federal services up. Thanks Barry. You POS.

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