Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Walk In The Clouds

This is why they call them the Smokey Mountains. Sometimes I might spend half a day in the clouds, a thick white fog. In New Orleans it rolled off the river, here it rolls across mountain tops.
It can make the mundane, turn spooky and beautiful.
It can transform your driveway, into a portal of unknown destination.
It washes out everything behind you, and everything in front of you in a way I find much more soothing then the white of snow. This white haze is something I am familiar with, i love it the way i love the sounds of barges on the mississipi river and a train blowing it's horn.
(song of the day ::: Crave You .... i like how they switch lives. I wanna do that one day. Watch the video. )


1 comment:

William Blake said...

she's laughing inside
'cause they can't refuse
she's so beautiful now
she doesn't wear her shoes
she doesn't like to choose
she's got wonderful eyes
and a risque mouth
and when i ask her before
she said she's holding out
she's a frozen fire
she's my one desire